Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Godlier Blog

Hello, and welcome to Quivers of Men! This blog is meant for the following:

  • to encourage families with lots of children to have no less than lots more children
  • to encourage help-meets (or "wives", if you prefer) to be more helpful
  • to encourage arrows (or "children", if you prefer) to fly straight, but never leave the quiver
  • to encourage Patriarchs to tighten that grip, boss that help-meet, and keep "the world" at bay
  • and more!
Here at Quivers of Men, we realize that most families aren't perfect. Don't worry--we were there once too, and that's why we started this blog.

We hope this blog is everything you need to create and perfect y[our] worldview. Visit us again soon, when we'll have a delightful discussion about arrows ("children", as it were).

In the service of the Lord,
Quivers of Men


  1. my arrows are out of control...hoping for some helpful tips on mind-control.

  2. I'd like to show my neighbor that I'm way more godly than he is. I don't like him.

    Any help toward achieving that end would be appreciated.

  3. Kristen, what you need is not "mind control," but merely the simple guidelines we, as successful Christians, lay out for you.

    Lewis, your heart is in the right place. Godliness stems from a certain level of maturity that your neighbor must not possess. We will be formulating a complete response to this topic in the next several days. Until then, we suggest having a Bible-casting party in which you and your large family cast KJV Bibles over the fence to your neighbor's yard with certain applicable passages highlighted.

  4. Dear Mighty Man,
    I've gotten too old to fill the quiver any more for my man & he believes that to adopt would be to embrace the sins of a stranger's forefathers. How can I help meet his expectations?

  5. yeeeesh, you guys are making so much "sense" I hope no one believes you. :)

  6. Praise be to the formula! May it perfect us and our lives so that we can praise God that we are not like other men-- not like those sinners over there who don't do everything the way we do. . .

    - Another Kristen

  7. Yep. Safest to stay in the quiver. That way they'll never even have the knowledge to live independently (because we know independence is the same as rebellion). They'll know exactly how to adjust to whoever they wind up being dependent on when their parents can't support them anymore.

  8. Anne (created to be his help-meat)December 15, 2010 at 2:27 PM

    Urgent advice needed! I've provided my Man with 4 quivers, but now my figure is all stretched out & I can't seem to lose the "baby" fat. I also spend a lot of my day sitting while I'm homeschooling the older 2 quivers. There just isn't time for workouts. I've tried adding some calisthenics while I'm cleaning, but I tire so easily with all I'm required to do in a week. I'm desperate.

    My Man no longer complements me on my appearance. He even complains that I look so tired & worn out all of the time. If he has an affair with a younger, peppier, more attractive-looking woman, it will be all MY fault for "letting myself go." I don't want to place my Man under such heavy temptation!

    Any advice? How can this help-meat return to a lean, prime cut?