About Us

Welcome to Quivers of Men! This blog is meant for the following:

  • to encourage families with lots of children to have no less than lots more children
  • to encourage help-meets (or "wives", if you prefer) to be more helpful
  • to encourage arrows (or "children", if you prefer) to fly straight, but never leave the quiver
  • to encourage Patriarchs to tighten that grip, boss that help-meet, and keep "the world" at bay
  • and more!
Here at Quivers of Men, we realize that most families aren't perfect. Don't worry--we were there once too, and that's why we started this blog.


  1. Tell me you're being sarcastic...right?

  2. He is completely serious! I am so glad to finally have such a Godly man to show me all the ways I fail as a woman!!

  3. I'm pretty sure its a joke folks. :) I come to this page every once in a while for a good laugh. :D

  4. THANK GOD!!!!! SOMEONE IS PARODYING THIS INSANE SHIT! I was starting to wonder what happened to the Jesus and Christianithy that was a ministry to prostitutes and tax collectors. It seems to have been hijacked by discussions on becoming a farmer, using natural birth control, the length of my denim skirt and arranged marriages!

  5. Hahahahahaha, awesome!