Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Holier Than Ever

We at Quivers of Men would like to welcome ourselves back to our holy endeavor.

We would also like to take this time to ask of you, our struggling-to-be-Godly patriarchs and help-meets, what your particular struggles are and what your sinful homes and arrows need the most from our God-given wisdom. Quivers of Men is prepared to give insight into any of the issues surrounding our sacred calling to be an abnormal, eccentric, queer people. A few topics that we know you need our counsel on are listed below.
  • Father, Son and Holy Spiritship -- The First Pre-Step In a Pre-Relationship
  • If God Gave You Arrows, They're Always Your Arrows
  • If They're Doing Anything They Want To Do, They're Not Doing Anything They Need To Do
  • The QOM-sanctioned music for your ATiPod
  • Hair-Cutting -- The Devil's Craft Time
  • The Media, aka Homosexuality, Inc.
  • Seeking a Help-Meet for Your Son -- Questions You Have to Ask
  • How to Deal with Escaped Arrows
  • Feminism
  • Breaking Your Arrow's Will
Please leave your requests in the form of an email, or a response in the compliment box. Quivers of Men will consider your responses and determine which topic to address first. But fear not! We will eventually have answers for all of your problems. 

In the service of the Lord, 
Quivers of Men


  1. oooh! Please address escaped arrows! Every time an arrow escapes, the quiver usually falls apart. How can this be prevented? Please bless us with your infinite and devine wisdom ;)

  2. Hair cutting? I almost don't want to know! But maybe that means I need to be "convicted" in this area of my life. :(

  3. Oh, all glory be to heaven! I have been lost without your guidance, especially all those beautiful and divinely-inspired lists.
    Please allow me to express an opinion, even though I am not as godly as you are: I think husbands should follow the strong leadership of Esther's husband-- she was not allowed to speak to him without his permission, under penalty of death!

  4. I'm not sure Esther is a good example... she DID narrowly escape with her life, which might inspire young women to attempt speaking without permission on the off chance it might gain them some sympathy. Let's choose our role models a little more wisely next time.

    - A Wife Who Learned the Hard Way

  5. While Esther's marriage may be a prime example of a godly relationship, it can be dangerous to look upon her as a role model, at least for younger, more impressionable girls, seeing as how she feels the need to speak up to her husband in a most unbecoming way. In th end, her tale is one of a woman trying (and sadly failing), to overcome her own selfish stubbornness.

  6. Oooh, I'm so excited that you guys are back. Now the internet will once again be blessed by your godly wisdom.

  7. Although I have not had a chance to ask for the headship's approval of this question, the Lord has laid it on my heart to ask you anyway:
    I have two adult stay at home daughters, two pure, beautiful and godly souls, who we have taught the principles of Biblical Womanhood with much success (I am not praising our efforts - too humble for that! - , but that's what everyone at the church says about them).
    One would suppose that young men would be queuing up to ask my goodly husband to be allowed to court them. Alas, they don't!
    And I am getting worried...what can we do to keep the awful fate of spinsterhood from these two blessings?

    Thank you!


  8. I have a question.

    I was raised from a feminist mindset, being taught that education, independence, and self-sufficiency were the pinnacle of a woman's achievements. I wasn't homeschooled, and I learned no keeper-at-home principles from my working mother. It wasn't until college that I discovered the brilliant blessings in So Much More. Now my heart is set on returning home and living under my father's headship until he can find me a husband who will overlook my masters degree. But my parents insist I should work on my own and travel, and tell me that if I do come home I will have to work and pay them rent. I've tried explaining that I can pay them back in swept floors and crocheted doilies, but they aren't convinced. (Sadly I have no younger siblings to raise; my parents' quiver only had 4 arrows, my brothers are in college, and my sister in Africa with the Peace Corps- will you please pray for her?) What can I do, QoM? I don't want to usurp my father's authority and tell him I must move back in, but I feel so abandoned without any kind of covering.

    May you be blessed.